Very early, I realized Fashion was my dream when I made clothing for my various dolls in all shapes and sizes. With a BA in Fashion Design & Merchandising, a MBA in Marketing and more than 25 years in the Fashion and Supply Chain Industry, I can say I am ready to take on the challenges of my own brand but still learning as much as I possibly can.

I started my first company in 1997 as a company providing custom sewing services. At that time we were only designing and making custom men’s and women’s clothing. We were known for our tailored men’s pants, suits and our women’s garments had a way of making a woman feel like a woman. In addition to a few wedding dresses and our regular clients, young ladies preparing for prom would keep us quite busy making as many as 60 dresses our first year in business. After providing custom services for several years I realized this just wasn’t enough for my dreams and I wanted to reach more women with my vision.

I relocated from Chicago to Dallas and started self titled clothing line “Tra’velis” and was quickly thrown into a whole new world of learning. Because of my ability to sew, cut, drape and create my own patterns, it was a bit easier but still a lot to take on. Learning from the manufacturers, pattern makers, suppliers and even several interns I was destine to create garments for women of all shapes and sizes. Coming out with just 2 dresses my first year was a huge task but I did it. Yes it is small but it was mine and my clients loved it.

Today,  I have over 50 different styles and skus that I offer and still going strong adding my line of jewelry to the brand. We specialize in Agate and Pyrite Stones which adds that extra flair and originality to our pieces. We pride our selves on the ability to do all of our own designing, manufacturing, marketing and shipping under one house. Direct marketing has enabled us to form great relationships with our customers and therefore provide satisfaction.

“What’s next?” you ask, “Continued GROWTH!”

We are constantly learning and adding more and more new items as well as extending our line to boutiques across the country. Having our line in specialty boutiques is our ultimate goal in addition to serving as many women as possible of all races, religions and sizes. We hold nothing back so come on, enjoy the ride and watch us grow.


CEO, Designer, Mentor, Leader